Friends The Complete Tenth Season
Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow,
Matt Leblanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer
4 DVDs
17 episodes plus extra
Warner Brothers Television 2005
467 mins


Ten years of laughs has undoubtedly given the outstanding Friends series a place in television history. Critical acclaim and massive appeal created great anticipation for the tenth and final season, which has now been released in a 4 comedy TV show DVD set titled Friends The Complete Tenth Season. After a less than stellar ninth season, fans were relieved to see their old friends make a triumphant return to the Thursday night line-up.

Throughout all the years of Friends, there are images and moments that stand out in any fan’s mind. Where were you when Ross kissed Rachel or during the hilarious prom flashbacks with fat Monica? How about the birth of Phoebe’s triplets? Season 10 follows our friend’s lives through major changes and gives closure to the web of stories. Monica and Chandler move out of their funky village apartment, and adopt babies; Phoebe gets married; Rachel is offered a job in Paris prompting Ross to confess his love…again; and Joey makes plans to move to LA.

This DVD collection has a full disk of extras that re-cap the entire run of the series and delivers its own bundle of giggles. Final Thoughts with producers and cast covers topics from casting and the first rehearsals, through to the final days of production. Everyone gives fun insight into the creation some of the favourite moments, characters and catch phrases that have become a part of our pop culture. “How you doin’?” The whole thing could have been much longer and more detailed, but it’s a nice addition to the final episodes.

There is also the requisite Gag Reel, including hilarious vintage clips from Seasons 1 through 4, and a new one for number 10, introduced by Conan O’Brian. It’s fantastic seeing this ensemble in moments of screw-ups and breakdowns, and it certainly shows you what talented and natural comedians they truly are. Some of the moments are funnier than what actually appeared on the show! The gags include Season 10 guest stars Aisha Tyler, Greg Kinnear, Paul Rudd, Christina Applegate, Jennifer Coolidge and the brilliant Danny DeVito as a surly stripper. Tyler, Rudd and Applegate encompass the Friends of Friends segment, which has interviews and footage of these celebrity guest stars. The interviews are genuine and give you a good idea of the impact of Friends on their own lives, but once again, it could have been more detailed.

The DVD also includes a very bizarre “music video” called Joey Joey. It’s basically a selection of the character Joey’s funniest moments, cut between shots of girls dancing in bikinis. There is a song in there somewhere, but it feels like either an inside joke or a promotion for the series spin-off.

Other features include behind the scenes footage of the dismantling of the set and the teary final day of shooting. They could have certainly included more of this. It all felt a little too brief after 10 years. There is also an extended version of the final show and producer’s commentary on three of the episodes, which is a funny and fascinating insight into the finer details of production.

Friends: The Complete Tenth Season is a nice goodbye if you are a fan, and hopefully they’ll have even more extras with the inevitable reunion movie.


The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss
Romantic hookups continue to go astray in Barbados as Monica, Phoebe and Chandler overhear Ross kissing Charlie, while through the room’s other wall they can eavesdrop on Joey and Rachel.

The One Where Ross is Fine
Rachel, Joey and Charlie spend an uncomfortable evening with Ross, while Chandler commits an unpardonable act when he and Monica visit a couple who have adopted a cute boy. Phoebe is visited by a desperate Frank Jr., who can’t cope with his triplets.

The One with Ross’s Tan
Rachel and Joey nervously anticipate their first “night” together. Monica and Phoebe try to avoid an obnoxious old friend who puts on airs and a fake accent. Ross envies Monica’s sprayed-on tan and enters the tanning booth, where two-toned disaster strikes.

The One with the Cake
Rachel convinces Monica to delay a long anticipated trip to Vermont. But complications ensue when an x-rated cake arrives.

The One Where Rachel’s Sister Baby-Sits
Rachel convinces spoiled sister Amy to baby-sit Emma over Ross’s protests. Phoebe unknowingly thwarts Mike’s surprise for her. Joey scares Monica and Chandler with a recommendation letter on their behalf to a child adoption agency.

The One with Ross’s Grant
Ross interviews with a Nobel prize-winning scientist for a paleontology grant- but the doctor is Charlie’s ex-boyfriend, who offers Ross the grant only if he breaks up with her. Phoebe sends Monica and Rachel screaming with her artistic creation of “Gladys.”


The One with the Home Study
Monica and Chandler meet with an adoption worker who will decide if they’re suitable parents- and who confesses that she was once romanced by a cad named Joey in the same building.

The One with the Late Thanksgiving
Monica prepares a Thanksgiving feast and is furious when no one shows up! When Joey gets stuck in the door, Monica and Chandler have the ideal remedy. Phoebe convinces Rachel to enrol Emma in a baby beauty contest.

The One with the Birth Mother
Monica and Chandler travel to Texas to meet a young pregnant woman who is considering allowing them to adopt her child when it’s born. Joey dates Phoebe’s friend but annoys her with his territorial eating habits.

The One Where Chandler Gets Caught
When Phoebe and Rachel see Chandler get into a car with a pretty woman, they suspect the worst. When they tell Monica, they learn the woman is a real estate agent- and that the couple’s been house-hunting outside of Manhattan.

The One Where the Stripper Cries
Joey is a celebrity guest on Pyramid. When Monica and Rachel throw a “mature” bachelorette party for Phoebe, they’re forced to hire a stripper at the last minute. Chandler and Ross attend their college reunion, where they learn a 1987 dating pact was broken.

The One with Phoebe’s Wedding
Monica’s hard-nosed wedding-planner techniques cause Phoebe to fire her. The big day turns chaotic when a blizzard forces a change in plans.

The One Where Joey Speaks French
When Phoebe tries to teach Joey to speak French for an audition and fails, she convinces the casting director Joey is retarded. Ross turns down Rachel’s request for sympathy sex after her father has a heart attack.

The One with Princess Consuela
Rachel is fired from her job the same day Ross learns that he has gotten tenure. When Phoebe legally changes her name, Mike does so too to teach her a lesson. Joey goes with Chandler and Monica to check out their new home.

The One Where Estelle Dies
Phoebe tries to protect Joey from the news that his agent Estelle has died. Monica and Chandler check out the house next door to theirs- and discover that Chandler’s ex Janice is interested in buying it.

The One with Rachel’s Going Away Party
Ross goes berserk when Rachel decides that Monica’s farewell party is the perfect time to share a private tearful goodbye with each friend- with the simple exception of Ross!

The Last One

Set to embark on the next chapters of their lives, the six friends spend their last day together, and it’s one of momentous events, major decisions about personal futures and last-minute surprises.


Special Features

  • Friends Final Thoughts: The Cast and Producers reflect during their final days at work and after series production ends.
  • Multiple season gag reels
  • All-new Matt Leblanc Joey Joey music video

• Friends of Friends Video Guestbook: Interviews with Christine Applegate, Paul Rudd and Aisha Tyler



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