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Get Smart Season 4
Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt
Created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry
Originally aired 1968-69
26 episodes 4 DVD
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

Get Smart, starring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon as Control agents 86 and 99 is still fresh and very funny forty, yes, forty years later. Get Smart Season 4 features 26 episodes on 4 discs. This sitcom DVD set includes the episode where 86 and 99 do a 185 and the episode voted greatest of all by the fans, the two part The Not-so-great Escape which closes the season.

Get Smart Season One

Get Smart was a great situation comedy with lots of sight gags, weird gadgets, verbal repartee, and most of all the physical comedy of the great Don Adams. All of the season four shows are fun but not all are classics.

Get Smart Season 2

Season 4 of this sitcom opens with The Impossible Mission. Max and 99 must figure out how KAOS is going to send a secret formula on the air. There’s lots of running around, a salute to Charlie Chaplin of sorts, lots of doors being used, and, finally, Max pops the question, sort of.

Get Smart Season 3

Quite good is the tip of the hat to Bonnie and Clyde wink of The Secret of Sam Vittorio. Again, lots of door gags, here augmented by doppelganger bits. It is obvious the wedding of two Control agents cannot go off without a hitch and this is what happens in episode 9 of Get Smart Season 4 With Love and Twitches. On her wedding night 99 discovers 86 is really hung.

A personal favorite is Snoopy Smart vs. The Red Baron where Max meets his future mother-in-law and Siegfried, one of the great comic TV villains. The show features a great WW I style dogfight.

The episode voted all-time fan favorite, The Not-so-great-escape, features a cameo for Adams’ father William Yarmy. I fail to see why it is a fan favorite but there you go.

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