Blue Collar Comedy head honcho Jeff Foxworthy and the networks sure tried to make his show work. The Jeff Foxworthy Show – The Second Season set features a better show than the previous year, a few decent enough episodes, but not the kind of energy and supporting characters that make a sitcom successful in the long run. Foxworthy fans will enjoy this box set, others will like it well enough as something they borrowed from a fan. This situation comedy DVD features 23 episodes on 2 discs

A good sitcom needs a solid supporting cast and secondary characters. This is probably the main weakness of The Jeff Foxworthy Show Season Two. G.W. Bailey (MASH’s Rizzo) is pretty good as Jeff’s dad. A weakness the show tries to fix in episode 6 without much success. The kids and the neighbor’s kid also take up too much screen time.

The show is set in Georgia where the star and his almost all-new family moved after a bad first season in Indianapolis. Foxworthy is now a supervisor at a trucking company where Bill Engvall just happens to work.

This situation comedy still had some decent moments. Episode 3, The redneck heavy Poor Sportsmen of the Apocalypse, is a pretty show based on the guys going deer hunting. Other shows are okay. The Thanksgiving show however is particularly atrocious as is the Christmas show: this probably signaled the end of this TV experiment.

By the time episode 13 rolls around, there’s a bunch of new characters (including some Black characters!!!)  and another new boss. This episode about a toxic spill at work is, you guessed it ….

You can’t blame Jeff Foxworthy himself for the demise of his situation comedy. The guy is pretty good actor. The Jeff Foxworthy Show The Complete Second Season is something Blue Collar Comedy fans will enjoy but not much more than that.

The Jeff Foxworthy Show The Complete Second Season
Jeff Foxworthy, Ann Cusack, Bill Engvall
Aired NBC 1996-97
23 episodes 2 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

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