Shameless Season One
Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Justin Chatwin
12 episodes 2 Blu-ray discs
Warner Home Video 2011

Shameless is a very addictive show about a poor Chicago family trying to make ends meet while the father (William H. Macy) drinks his way to oblivion in between two schemes to collect free money of some kind. The title refers to the fact none of the Gallagher kids are ashamed of who they are and their lack of money nor are they ashamed of the ways they find to help oldest sister Fiona (Emmy Rossum) keep a roof over their head.

There is a big dose of joie de vivre in the Gallagher clan even if things are usually tough and life is a balancing act aimed at staying together. Emmy is a very good surrogate mother for the six other Gallagher kids and also very good at keeping Frank, their father, out of her hair.

This is a wild, wild show.  At one point Lip, the oldest boy, has a girlfriend and Frank moves in with her and her mother before the father moves in with Frank, his now ex-wife, and his daughter. It’s complicated but never convoluted or unbelievable.

Shameless The Complete First Season features a story arc about Fiona’s car thief boyfriend, one of the boys coming out of the closet, Frank faking his own death to escape creditors, the few times Frank comes up with a scheme or goes on a binge.

Secondary characters are very strong in this series so nothing feels like filler.

Shameless is back for a second season on Showtime. If you get this Blu-ray set, you will certainly be planning your TV schedule around this show.


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