What’s Your Number?
Anna Faris, Chris Evans
Directed by Mark Mylod
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

What’s Your Number? is a pleasant enough romantic comedy DVD starring Anna Faris as Ally, a twenty-something woman who is afraid she might have dated and dumped Mr. Right. Secondary stories include her sister’s upcoming wedding and her mother’s demands as well as a next door neighbor who leaves his own apartment first after one-night stands. There are no especially funny or memorable moments in this romcom but it manages to entertain. What’s Your Number DVD features both the theatrical and extended versions.

The number in question is twenty as a Marie-Claire article says if you have slept with twenty people and are still single you are going to remain so. Ally hires her neighbor Colin to track down the nineteen men she slept with to find out which one was Mr. Right.

Of course Colin and Ally develop a relationship and of course Colin turns out to be Mr. Right.

A lot of the events in What’s Your Number are clearly written to make the ending work and this take some credibility away.

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