South Park The Complete Sixteenth Season
14 episodes 2 Blu-ray
Warner Home Video 2013

16 seasons later and South Park is still able to deliver some vicious, dead on satire and less than subtle attacks on public figures. It has also retained its ability to offend  and make uncomfortable even the most liberal adult audience. Of course, its scattershot approach means it sometimes misses the mark by a few miles but this is not as frequent as usual this time around. The 2 Blu-ray discs of this animated comedy feature 14 episodes but South Park The Complete Sixteenth Season is a bit thin on special features. These are limited to commentary tracks for all the shows and a couple of deleted scenes.

There are at least two stand-out episodes in this South Park season. One is Sarcastaball where Stan’s father Randy gets riled up when the schoolboard wants to limit contact in football. He asks why not have the kids wear bras, use a baloon, and score points with hugs. School officials are not known for being particularly bright (trust me, I know) so they miss the point and make Randy the new coach of South Park’s sarcastaball team. The idea gets picked up and eventually even the NFL becomes the National Sarcastaball League. The episode features a particularly accurate dig at NFL commissioner Roger Goodale and his denial of concussions.

The other is Reverse Cowgirl where the NSA becomes involved in everybody’s toilet habits after one character dies because of a toilet seat being left up. No stones get left unturd here.

Another very good bit of satire is Raising the Bar which addresses America’s obesity problem and consequent reliance on mobility scooters. You also have to love Insecurity where the whole personal security systems and fear mongering by security firms is put under the Trey Parker Matt Stone microscope.

Cause bracelets get trashed in A Scause For Applause. Here, Lance Armstrong is replaced here by Jesus Christ.

The hit and miss episodes include A Nightmare on Face Time and its not to Kings The Shining, Going Native which is set in Hawaii, and Cartman Finds Love.

The last episode Obama Wins just does not work.


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