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The Big Bang Theory Blu-ray  Season 3
Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco
2 discs 23 episodes
Aired CBS 2009-10
Warner Home Video 2010

The Big Bang Theory is the brilliant CBS situation comedy about two nerds and their very cute neighbor. There has not been and there never again will be a sitcom with this brilliant combination of smart and funny. Best known in Texas and its illustrated schoolbooks as Blasphemy and Lies, The Big Bang Theory The Complete Third Season Blu-ray is a 2-disc 23 episode set with decent special features.

Season two’s  ‘A’Parmaq Nger closed with Sheldon and Leonard going to the arctic for six months. Absence has made the heart grow fonder so Penny and Leonard finally hook up in season 3.

With most sitcoms it is fairly easy to pick especially good episodes. With The Big Bang Theory it becomes difficult. The shows really are that good. All of episode 8 is an absolute must see again and again: Leonard, Raj, and Woloqitz get stoned and Sheldon rescues Penny when she has an Adhesive Duck Defficiency.

There are also especially comic moments. One such is Raj working for Sheldon in The Pirate Alternative (episode 4 disc 1). Sheldon teaching Penny physics (episode 9), the Christmas episode (11) is surreal.

Sheldon gets especially weird, even for Sheldon in The Einstein Approximation (disc 2 of The Big Bang Theory Blu-ray Season 3). Also superb but unusual is episode  which tells you about when Sheldon meets Leonard for the first time.

A little less impressive in The Complete Third Season is episode 7 where Sheldon reacts badly when Penny and Leonard fight.

Look for Lewis Black as an entomologist in episode 2. Will Wheaton (Die, Wesley Crush, die!) appears in episodes 5 and 19, Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica)  in episode 9, Danica McKellar in episode 12, and Stan Lee of comic book fame.

Special Features on The Big Bang Theory Season 3 include a set tour, an 8-minute gag reel, and an original Q & A with the stars.


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