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Ugly Americans Volume One
Mark Lilly, Callie Magotbone, Leonard Powers
7 episodes 1 DVD
Originally aired Comedy Central 2010
Comedy Central 2010

“If you like it normal why bother coming to New York?” is how Ugly Americans opens. Volume One of this Comedy Central cartoon features 7 cartoons on 1 DVD. This is a very, very weird cartoon. While many weird cartoons basically rely on their strange factor to work, Ugly Americans also relies on good writing, original storytelling, and very good looking animation

Mark Lilly is a very ordinary guy who works for the Department of Integration. His job is to help alien citizens integrate. By alien we are talking about wizards, zombies, warlocks, demons, and other creatures stranger than what you saw in Men in Black. His roommate Randall is a zombie, his co-worker Leonard is a wizard. Callie, his girlfriend and boss is a demon.

Ugly Americans is a cartoon where it really pays to pay attention. There are a lot of verbal and visual jokes such as a poster in the background that reads “Monsters: You do not have to say in the closet” or an adult magazine titled Barely Eagle. The advantage to having this Comedy CentralĀ  cartoon on DVD is you can pause and rewind to get some of the more subtle gags.

The second episode, An American Werewolf in America, is somewhat lame but the other six make up for it, especially Demon Baby and Blob Gets a Job.

The main story in Treegasm is a non-starter but the secondary stories about Randall losing his junk and Callie having the demon version of pms make it work.

Ugly Americans does lose a bit of steam as the season progresses but not that much.


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