Family Guy
Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Brian Griffin
Meg Griffin, Stewie Griffin
15 episodes 3 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Family Guy Volume 8 features 15 episodes of this cartoon sitcom on 3 DVD. They are the last 7 episodes of season 7 and the first 8 of season 8. You always have the default option of the unaired version or you can select the tamer by comparison broadcast version of each Family Guy. Special features include a 10-minute Making of for Road to the Multiverse and a DVD case size copy of the script, the Family Guy Karaoke with 28 tunes, and 11 deleted scenes. Most shows also feature a commentary track. Family Guy Volume 8 is one of the best cartoon sitcom DVD sets out there.

The 15 Family Guy Volume 8 shows are quite good if not excellent. The notable exception is Spies Reminiscent Of Us which refers to the Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase movie Spies Like Us. The episode is even worse than the movie and not on purpose.

Especially good episodes include one where Stewie beams in the Star Trek Next Generation crew and Fox-y Lady where Meg becomes a FAUX News reporter, allowing the show to take a few swipes at the foreign owned “news” network (DVD 1).

Three Kings, DVD 2, features 3 Family Guy versions of Stephen King movies: Shawshank Redemption, Misery, and Stand By Me. That DVD also includes Road to the Multiverse where Stewie invents a gizmo that transports them to parallel universes including a superb version of Disney.

The third disc for this sitcom DVD set features 5 decent episodes but nothing really outstanding. It also features the Family Guy Karaoke which is fun if you are a fan and not living alone (mmmmmmm).

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