Nick Swardson is a comic in his early thirties who relives his college days on stage. The first ten or so minutes of his Comedy Central Special Seriously, Who Farted? are devoted to beer and the pleasures of a bender. Other topics are playing video games, people thinking you are gay, and being involved in gay porn sort of. This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of this stand-up comedy DVD.

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As the title suggests Seriously, Who Farted? is for an immature mature audience. If you have not seen Grandma’s Boy, the bit on the filming experience will go right over your head.

The next bit, Old Lady Hand Job, has a rather long and rambling set up and a lame punchline. This is frat boy sophomoric stand-up. Much the same can be said about the next bit having to do with a trailer for a movie with an off title.

A bit better on this Nick Swardson stand-up comedy DVD is the bit on childhood dreams being fulfilled when you are an adult. This shows Swardson is smarter than some of his material. This segues into another getting drunk bit.

Swardson plugs another one of his B-movies, Blades of Glory and tells a few somewhat funny stories about the experience that leads into a plug for his next movie. A little better relatively speaking is the Vegas story.

The seemingly autobiographical bit involving Swardson’s grandma is somewhat decent.

This comedy is really a matter of taste. If you are a certain barely legal age, Nick Swardson will probably please. Unfortunately, there is little stand-up comedy here that has a shelf life longer than a bender.

Nick Swardson can be seen in Grandma’s Boy

Special features on this Nick Swardson DVD are 7 minutes of his opening act, a spoof trailer titled 28 Drinks Later, Nick Swardson Timeless Comedian, and a trailer for a fake A Very Terry Christmas.

Seriously, Who Farted?
Nick Swardson
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2009

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