Ron White
You Can’t Fix Stupid
Image Entertainment 2006
43 minutes plus extra
Mature Audience

You Can’t Fix Stupid is the 2006 stand-up comedy DVD by Ron White. Perhaps best known as one of the Blue Collar Comedy Group stand-up comics, White has pretty much struck out on his own over the last couple of years. This has allowed him to move away from the G-rated comedy of Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall and the PG-rated Larry the Cable Guy material and do some definitely R-rated stand-up comedy. You Can’t Fix Stupid is a pretty short and definitely adult oriented stand-up comedy DVD.

Ron White has adopted a Dean Martin style. His cigar smoking and scotch drinking stage persona is not particularly different from Deano’s days. The major change in You Can’t Fix Stupid is that he does not appear to be as sauced as in a couple of past efforts. This makes for a less rambling set though White’s forte has never been the segue or the long story. This somewhat improvisational style is both White’s strength and weakness. It is obvious he definitely has a set prepared, they all do, but he is also willing to try a couple of new jokes on the spur of the moment. This is a fairly risky approach, especially if you are taping your show for a stand-up comedy DVD (yes, I know, they sometimes splice the best bits from a couple of shows to make the DVD) but this is something that works on You Can’t Fix Stupid.

The best bit on You Can’t Fix Stupid is certainly Marriage & Honeymoon, an autobiographical, of course, bit about Ron’s new wife and their honeymoon cruise. Although he adds on an improvised bit involving a parrot and Viagra, this is the tightest piece in this performance. It involves taking a honeymoon cruise to Greece, meeting an insistent fan, and a donkey ride up Santorini. Chocolate is a very short bit on his wife’s solution to the overpopulation of the world: it is a good one.

Some of the material on You Can’t Fix Stupid will sound familiar to Ron White fans such as The Flipper. The other tracks, like Growing Up and Seeing Old Friends are other autobiographical bits with some new and older stuff thrown in.

You Can’t Fix Stupid is a decent stand-up comedy DVD that will definitely please Ron White and mature Blue Collar Comedy fans and leave others fairly satisfied though not necessarily impressed.

The extra feature on You Can’t Fix Stupid is an interesting 15 or so minute piece where Ron White tells you about his life before stand-up comedy. His is a rags to riches story. It’s the kind of thing you watch once out of curiosity.

Track List

1. Seeing Old Friends
2. The Flipper
3. Marriage & Honeymoon
4. Chocolate
5. Growing Up


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