Naked Trampoline Hamlet is not really a stand-up comedy CD and Andres Du Bouchet is not your usual comedian.

This is more akin to comic performance art in a comedy club. You need a certain mindset or sensitivity to enjoy what Du Bouchet does on Naked Trampoline Hamlet. Oddly enough, the humor on this stand-up comedy MP3 works at certain listenings but not others.

Naked Trampoline Hamlet opens weak with a track titled Danny Yeah Yeah. Du Bouchet personifies an opening act who has the audience parrot his statement: I say Yeah! You say Yeah! And so on. Not only is this bit way too long but you cannot hear a single word from the audience, making the whole bit a washout.

The second routine has the comic personify a different comedian. This one tells old jokes like “What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?” with a new, nonsensical twist. The jokes get weirder as do the twists. A couple of worth stealing such as: “If you have only one goal in life, you are a professional soccer player”.

The title track on this Andres Du Bouchet CD features a Richard Burton like emoting Britishy Shakespearean actor who put an ad on Craigslist for actors interested in performing Naked Trampoline Hamlet. The humor lies in the actor more than in the concept itself although I would not mind seeing that.)

I, Finch is a long set-up for a semi rap poetry reading. There is again some audience participating involved but this time it can be heard.

The last routine makes the mistake of repeating the opening gag for the second bit. The joke is ideas for reality shows. It too is on the long side.

One annoying trait many of Andres Du Bouchet‘s characters share is repeating the expression “Ladies and Gentlemen”

Naked Trampoline Hamlet
Andres Du Bouchet
Stand-up Comedy CD
Rooftop Comedy 2011

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