Brad Stine is a right-wing comic. That may sound like an oxymoron but Stine is funny, clever, and right about some things. The title of his stand-up comedy CD, Tolerate This is also a bit of a contradiction.

I find it interesting though that left-wing comics are better at making their points than right wing comedians and, unlike the latter, or Stine at times, do not need to resort to factual slight of hand.

The comic opens with a bit on applause that needs to be seen more than heard to really work. Then, after he deviates on a separation of church and state rant, Stine does a pretty good bit on the language of being late. This last bit is about as good a routine on words we use as George Carlin does.

This stand-up comedy CD really has a wrong bit and then a really funny bit structure.

The next bit is about how “we” make fun of southerners and Christians. True on the first, false on the second, especially when Stine says Christians are tolerant people who can take a joke.

The next bit on how common courtesy is an endangered species is a solid routine though Stine does oversell some of the lines.

This, in fact, is his Achilles heel.

Tolerate This ! then has a thirty minute stand-up routine on the differences between men and women. There are good moments here but thirty minutes of the stuff is much too much.

Stine ‘s right-wing view is pretty clear in the next bit, Atheists Are Irrational. I find it very difficult to buy his idea that judges are liberal and should be removed. Most bad decisions have been made by conservative judges. As for Stine saying “the Supreme Court is not supreme” well, if he is right there goes his slight of hand idea of democracy.

Much funnier even if there is an agenda are 4th Grade Christians and Jesus’ Brother.

Most strange is that Stine is a closet Darwinist: Put A Helmet On, on silly advice like not running with scissors, not falling off ladders, and not sticking your hand under the lawn mower really suggests he is for survival of the fittest.

If you are right-wing, you will enjoy Brad Stine.

Tolerate This!
Brad Stine
Stand-up Comedy CD
Right Minded Records / WEA 2005

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