Gilbert Gottfried’s Dirty Jokes opens with “Profanity is the effort of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully.” Gottfried’s answer to this is F.U. This stand-up comedy show is not for those who hold their pinkie up when they drink their tea. If you tend to hold up your index finger, this stand-up comedy DVD is right up your alley.

“You know what’s the motto of the Greek army? Never leave your buddy’s behind.”

Gottfried’s jokes, and do not look for any stand-up routines here, are very testosterone oriented and very funny; the kind you try to tell your friends later on.

“A man gets the words I Love You tattoed on his cock. His wife says, ‘Stop trying to put words in my mouth!’”

These dirty jokes may be about as old as Moses but Gottfried’s repertoire and delivery make the entire experience funny as hell. Fans of this comedian will be happy to hear the “death or oogoo” joke is in the show.

Gilbert Gottfried also indulges in a few imitations so you get to hear Alan King, Bill Cosby, Seinfeld, and Jackie Mason.

“What do you get when you cross a genius with a hooker? A fucking know-it-all.”

This comedy show by the man with the world’s second most annoying voice, second only to Fran Dresher, does not feature expensive production values. This is a two-camera, small venue performance many familiar with independent release stand-up comedy DVD releases are familiar with. It is still well-made and funny stuff.

Dirty Jokes ends with Gilbert Gottfried’s show-stealing Aristocrats joke. This is the longest, funniest dirty joke ever.

Dirty Jokes
Gilbert Gottfried
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2005
49 minutes

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