It is more and more difficult to find good clean comedy downloads.

Unconditional by Adam Ferrara is an excellent download. It features solid and very funny material by a comic in full control of his talent. Ferrara himself is an instantly likeable comedian.  All this makes Unconditional a solid addition to any stand-up comedy collection

Ferrara opens with a take on visitors in New York City at Christmas time who seem overwhelmed at the idea of big buildings and a Christmas tree. This segues brilliantly into a longer routine on Xmas at the Ferrara’s, his being raised Catholic, and a very funny bit on Mrs. Ferrara being convinced her husband’s ghost is in the house giving her the silent treatment.

Those familiar with Adam Ferrara’s comedy will recognize a couple of bits on Unconditional. One is the bit about St. Peter tallying Ferrara’s promises like “I will never drink again”. Another is about speeding home to avoid a fight with his spouse, a fight that will come anyways. This doesn’t take anything away from this clean comedy download.

A newer tack is Ferrara’s take on being a starter at a Nascar race, his Italian family, and his germ phobia.

Adam Ferrara Unconditional closes with a routine about his dog and how much his wife cares about it. This is where the comedian adroitly shares his take on what unconditional love his and gets the audience right where they live.

Even if this is an excellent closer to a solid set and a solid comedy album, I still found Unconditional to end a bit abruptly.

Adam Ferrara
Stand-up comedy download
800 Pound Gorilla Records 2019

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