How do you stand apart from the deluge of stand-up comedy download albums being released these days? One way is to combine two very good comics in one show and one download.

This is what 800 Pound Gorilla Records did with Less Bitter, More Glitter featuring Kendra Cunningham and Katina Corrao. The result is certainly worth your comedy dollar.

Less Bitter, More Glitter works because both comics are similar enough that one set does not jar with the other but original enough that neither Cunningham and Corrao pales in comparison. Cunningham and Corrao put this album together and they knew what they were doing.

Kendra Cunningham opens this comedy download. Like many comics now, the material is very autobiographical. Stories about the couple living across the hall, temp jobs, and looking forward to simple things like a blueberry muffin are easy to connect to. Kendra Cunningham gets more personal in the last half of her set. The importance of sticking with the same gynocologist, her sex life motto, and her rather discouraging take on men are some of the topics she covers.

The one weak point to Kendra Cunningham’s set on Less Bitter, More Glitter is she ends her set on a weak bit rather abruptly.

Katina Corrao works warming up audiences for TV shows and this is how she opens her set on this stand-up comedy download. She opens with a story about hanging around arcades when she was a teen and follows with a lament on the closing of Dress Barn that segues in a surreal bit on the Body Positive section at Macy’s.

The second third of Corrao’s set is about her professional experiences as an out-of-work actress and her driving desire to get a commercial.

Some of Corrao’s bit leave you wanting. She could have done more with gender reveal parties and her take on why The Price Is Right would never fly in New York City is too promising to only get 2 minutes. She closes with a relationship bit that does not really stand out.

Katina Corrao is a good comic but I got the feeling she could be better.

This stand-up comedy download is a good way to discover two comics who are worth keeping up with.

Less Bitter, More Glitter
Kendra Cunningham and Katina Corrao
Stand-up Comedy dowload album
800 Pound Gorilla Records 2019

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