If you do not mind ordinary stand-up comedy and being yelled at for no reason, you are going to enjoy Tendrils of Ruin by Dan Telfer.

Telfer has little and little original to say on this comedy mp3 album and he has the kind of voice that makes you think he is yelling the punchline to make sure you get it.

A perfect example of all this is Planets where the comic talks about his daughter. There is nothing special about this bit and the punchline of the daughter trying to say Uranus is lame. A somewhat better bit is Shell which is about watching Franklin cartoons.  Again, the punchline is disappointing.

There is also the fact Telfer’s information is often factually wrong. There is no Bimbo bread in Canada and the show that ends with a snow globe is not General Hospital but St. Elsewhere. The astronaut who went nuts and tried to kill a rival is not Lisa Miller but Lisa Nowak.

Other bits reveal what happens in level one of Super Mario Brothers, what name Telfer uses on World of Warcraft, and a banal bit about

There is one good joke on Tendril of Ruin by Dan Telfer. It has to do with alternate universes “I wish I was better at writing jokes…. Luckily, I am.” Unfortunately, our universe contains the bad Dan Telfer.

Tendrils of Ruin
Dan Telfer
Stand-up comedy mp3 and CD
ASpecialThing Records 2012

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