Get Off My Property is a relationship joke heavy stand-up comedy CD with a side of observational comedy.

This first comedy album by Dan Naturman (rhymes with Letterman) is quite enjoyable and funny. All of the routines are very good; a couple really stand out. For some reason, I can’t help thinking Naturman sounds like Jon Lovitz’ character Tommy Flanagan.

Dan Naturman starts out strong on this CD with three short relationship comedy bits. My favorite is the gay bar names on track 3 New York City Gals. The very audience friendly comic segues elegantly into his next set with a bit of Q&A with the audience. This time, it is for a bit on going to college to learn Spanish. The next bit on job interview skills has some original dead-end job jokes. Also surprisingly fresh is the next bit on Idiot’s Guide and For Dummies books.

The next bit, Prevacid, sounds punched in from another set as there is no flow into it from the previous routine. This drug commercial based bit is also the, relatively, weak moment on this stand-up comedy CD although Naturman quickly moves away from the easy part of the joke. This is followed by one of my favorite bits on Get Off My Property, Jukeboxes, which manages to freshen up the airline/terrorist set-up. For some reason, though, his terrorist sounds like a old Jewish guy.

Dan Naturman is a pretty clean comic but he does occasionally work blue and go for a few sex jokes.  Since these are not used as crutches for weak material, no problem.

Other solid bits on this Stand Up! Records release include the rest of the CD, basically. I especially enjoyed the watch as status symbol, Family Dysfunction, and Bank Job.  The closer, having something to do with cell phones, video phones, and masturbation, is pretty decent but not as solid a closer as this Dan Naturman CD deserves.

Get Off My Property
Dan Naturman
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2009

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