I want to start a Kickstarter campaign for the many brilliant practical joke scenaria Dan Cummins presents on his stand-up comedy album Chinese Affection.

This is comedy off the overly beaten path and the kind of material those of us who are addicted to stand-up appreciate partly because it is different but mostly because it is really funny too.

On this MP3 comedy album Cummins talks about silly Guiness Book records, why you should be allowed to laugh at others under certain circumstances, but mostly presents ideas for making the world a much funnier place.

One such idea is creating a competing Venice Beach magic stick-rock stand and driving the original vendor out his mind. Another is creating and airing commercials for nonsensical nonexistent products and running them over a long period of time without explaining anything. It is a good idea and these commercials would certainly capture the public and media imagination. Even weirder is the story set at Six Flags and what the comic would do in a similar situation.

Dan Cummins closes with a long-form bit about how to improve government services at a very low cost. It is smart, gets you thinking, really well written, and funny.

My only complaints about Chinese Affection is it is not available on CD and it is only thirty minutes long. On the other hand, Cummins’ label didn’t get greedy and this MP3 is very reasonably priced.

Chinese Affection
Dan Cummins
Comedy MP3 album
Jack Records Warner Brothers 2015

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