Ryan Maglunob is a young comic with a solid first indie stand-up comedy album titled Oh … and You Were Good Too.

Like most first comedy releases, the material covers a wide range of topics and is basically biographical. As a comic, Maglunob needs to have lived a few more years and have truly original experiences to stand out from the crowd but overall he gets good material out of what he knows.

There are moments where Maglunob is different from most. One is in the opening track and his idea of and ad he would post on a telephone pole. Also interesting are the bits about his parents. The best being the one about his father getting a computer and showing him how to get free porn.

Otherwise, the comic talks about dating, video games, being on his own, and so on. It is not memorable but it is funny.

One thing that does bother me, and this is something that occurs on a few CDs, is when the comic lays an egg and says the joke will be deleted from the CD yet there it is. It is a pet peeve, so there.

Oh ? and You Were Good Too
Ryan Maglunob
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent 2015

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