Blue Collar TV
Season One, Volume Two
Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall,
Larry The Cable Guy
3 DVDs
18 shows plus extra feature
Warner Home Video 2006

It would be silly to expect highbrow comedy from Blue Collar Comedy comics, unibrow would be more like it. Blue Collar TV Season One Volume Two stars Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry The Cable Guy in 18 episodes from the first season (well, duh) of their hit WB sitcom. This show works because of the apparent chemistry between these three stand-up comics, a few tried and true recipes like the Redneck Dictionary, and a pretty decent if not always stellar supporting cast of second bananas. The formula of a couple of jokes by Jeff Foxworthy, three or four comedy sketches, and a closer where the three Blue Collar comics are on stage together poking fun at each other or answering questions definitely works.

Blue Collar TV Season One Volume Two is a collection of hit and miss episodes and hit and miss comedy sketches within each episode. Sometimes, this is due to the fact none of the Blue Collar comics is a great actor. Fortunately, there are a few more hits than misses. The strongest is the Christmas show (episode 4 in this collection). Larry The Cable Guy‘s PC Fairy Tale take on ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, sorry, ‘Twas the night before non-denominational holiday, is excellent. Especially when Holiday Figure says “Lady of the evening, lady of the evening, lady of the evening!” The ADD version of 24, 24 Seconds is also quite good, as is the Redneck Dictionary definition of mistletoe.

Another good sketch on Blue Collar TV Season One Volume Two is Larry the Cable Guy in Phantom Of The Opry (episode two). A must see here is the three comedy sketch series in episode 6 (disc 1) where you get biopics like The Jeff Foxworthy Story starring Bill Engvall, The Bill Engvall Story starring Larry the Cable Guy and the Larry and Bill Story starring Jeff Foxworthy where Foxworthy actually says something about the other two riding his coattails. The Joan Irwin, Jock Hunter in this episode is pretty good two.

The Fear show (disc 2) is a bit of a bummer although it does have Joe Rogan of Fear Factor and a funny bit about nanny cams (that does run long). The closer with embarrassing pics of each Blue Collar comic is not bad. The Testosterone show on disc 2 is also not a great loss if you skip it. The highlight of this disc is in the Stupidity show where the Blue Collar comics play three rednecks -talk about stretching-who go see ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and believe the dummy is for real. The Martha Stewart after jail bit in this show is also pretty decent. The masochistic can watch these three stand-up comics in Gymnastics and see them in red tights.

Disc 3 of Blue Collar TV Season One Volume 2 features 4 shows and some extra features. These extra features are 4 skits that never aired, including a couple that are better than some that aired in the episode they were originally made for, and a blooper reel. Good shows here are the Gadgets show and Small Towns.

A special nod to Brooke Dillman, one of the Blue Collar TV supporting players who not only sounds a lot like Carol Burnett at times but has the same versatility. A lot of the funny skits here work because of her.

Blue Collar TV comedy sketches can be a matter of taste. Big Time Loving (the Food show, disc 1) is definitely a tasteless bit about a fat couple banning their equally fat daughter from dating a skinny vegetarian. The spoof of America’s Funniest Home Videos (episode 2, disc 1 in this set) runs way too long, suffering from the old Saturday Night Comatose syndrome of milking what was a one-joke premise. The same can be said about Packing the Car (Show 5, Disc 1) and Really Really Really Desperate Housewives, and The Brady Trash, an overlong redneck version spoof of the opening credits of The Brady Bunch where former Brady Chris Knight proves he hasn’t found any of his acting chops.

Overall, Blue Collar TV Season One Volume 2 is not bad if you are a casual fan of these redneck comedians. Volume 1 is better.

Track List”


The Human Body


Battle Of The Sexes


Small Towns
Special Features: 4 Bonus Skits and Bloopers and Outtakes


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