This independent release stand-up comedy CD is as close as you can get to a comedy club experience without leaving your living room.

Don Tjernagel (the Tj is pronounced like Ch) is politically incorrect, occasionally bombastic, frequently offensive, foul mouthed, reverent and irreverent all in the space of one independent release stand-up comedy CD .

At his funniest talking about sex, blowjobs, dick curves and expressing out loud the things we never say even to our best friends Don Tjernagel will have your sides hurting for parts of this CD, but only parts. What makes the CD interesting is that it really feels like Tjernagel comes out with no preset approach to his audience. He constantly riffs with the audience which is part of the lure as well as a weakness on this stand-up comedy CD. This isn’t a canned studio production or a Just For Laughs comedy fest 160$ a seat gala made for television comedy set. This is raw live comedy which means ups and downs, off the cuff remarks, occasional uneven sound, weird tangents where the listener knows everyone in the club is seeing something they are not seeing. It is the club experience on CD.

This is not for the comedic faint of heart. Tjernagel insults everyone he comes in contact with, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Canadians, Iowans – it doesn’t matter where you are from you will be offended even as you laugh. Shades of Denis Leary like rage monologues creep into the sets and fall flatter than piss on a plate in front of the live audience. Tjernagel is to be congratulated for leaving them on Donzilla – they are smart and insightful commentaries which probably were aiming just a little high for the venue.

It is hard to recommend this CD because you have to be a particular kind of listener to enjoy it. If you are offended by stereotypes, dick jokes or rage then give it a pass – but if you have a sense of humor that allows you to check your tender sensibilities at the door this is definitely worth a listen.

Don Tjernagel
Independent Release Comedy CD
Mature Content

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