Flip Schultz Getting Them On The Chain
Stand-up Comedy DVD
2 Discs
Independent Release 2008
Buy at Comic’s Website

You get a lot of bang for your buck with Getting Them On The Chain and not just because you get two Flip Schultz comedy DVDs: Both discs feature an excellent and original comic at the top of his game. The title DVD features Schultz doing a show in south Florida. The second disc, Making It Up As I Go Along features the comic riffing with the audience and a doc on his European tour with Pablo Francisco.

Though long-time Schultz fans (i.e. those who, like me, have the entire CD and DVD set) will recognize a couple, and only a couple, of the bits on Getting Them On The Chain both discs are excellent. Chain features a really good bit on how the penis controls everything and includes a good audience riff and a solid segue into a short 20’s porn that is really original.

Another really good bit with a superb segue on the title DVD is how women like to play Transformer with their men. Schultz is dead on and extremely funny in this routine. I especially liked the Tony Robbins hand job bit: this is really smart and inventive stand-up comedy.

Extra features on the title DVD include The Mexican Astronomy Teacher (a really really good bit), a music video, a short film, and a clip from a 1992 show, Schultz’s second ever. If you let the menu play there are also a few surprises.

The bonus disc is Making It Up As I Go Along, a hald-held camera documentary of Flip Schultz touring Europe with Pablo Francisco. The highlights of this disc are the bits where the comedian riffs with the audience.

I am always picky about picture and sound quality, even when it comes to independent releases. Getting Them on the Chain has good production values though I wonder why we get barely visible shots of the audience. Making It Up As I Go is a gimme disc so you can’t complain and it is damn funny too. Big time stand-up comedy fans will recognize one of the audience riff segments as it also appears on the Heckler DVD.

Much less impressive on Getting Them On The Chain is the lame infomercial that plays before the menu on the title DVD. I despise these ads when big studios force feed them to us and despise them even more when an artist does it. By the way, if you go to flipschultz.com or flipisfunny.com  or even flipeastshit.org you can get his first stand-up comedy DVD What Are You Laughing At, and his comedy CDs Ribbed For Your Pleasure, Flippin’ Through The Channels, Super Dork, and Just A One Mic Stand.


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