Tig Notaro Live is the most unusual stand-up comedy performance of the last few years.

Everybody who has reviewed it has mentioned the opening line: “Good evening! I have cancer. How are you?” The next thirty minutes are a very odd mix of funny and touching moments but not stand-up comedy. They are, however, quite an experience.

Notaro knows how to tell a story, even her own. The cancer is just the cherry on top of a sundae of bad events such as a bowel infection, her mother dying, and being dumped.

She is not telling it for pity as is shown in her reaction to audience members who go “Awwww”. She is also not telling it for laughs since she also tells those laughing that it is not really funny, even if sometimes it is.

This creates a very odd impression. If you can’t really laugh and can’t really overempathize, what are you supposed to do?

It is difficult to recommend or not Tig Notaro Live. However, it is an experience and, hey, it’s not expensive.

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