Pete Johansson Passive Aggressive Suicide Boy is an excellent comedy album and MP3 download.

Reviewing stand-up comedy albums has been quite arduous and not much fun for about a year or so now. Everybody has a comedy download out. Everybody is doing autobiographical navel-gazing comedy that is of little interest that will only make you almost smile. Fortunately, there is the odd MP3 album that delivers. Passive Aggressive Suicide Boy is one of them

Pete Johansson comes across as a slightly befuddled man who manages to still have a rather sharp eye for our and society’s foibles. Passive Aggressive Suicide Boy features a while range of topics and some rather explicit adult material. That material will not really shock anyone. It’s just adult oriented such as his girlfriend’s ability to squirt or a bit about intimate grooming. Guys will listening to at the latter.

This comedy album by Pete Johansson is cleverly constructed. The stand-up comic gently brings the audience from the comedy club with a story about post-show drinking to an intimate moment in his bedroom.

The highlight is the title track where Pete Johannson reveals what superhero persona would be. You only wish some such superhero existed. You might even wish you were Passive Aggressive Suicide Boy.

Pete Johansson can also get serious but still be very funny. His bit on going to a shrink and whether or not thinking about suicide is the same thing as being suicidal is a must.

The bonus tracks, One Bear and Two Bear are not just show remnants but complete and road tested routines. They fit in well with the general tone of Pete Johansson Passive Agressive Suicide Boy.

I have no reservation whatsoever in highly recommending this excellent comedy album MP3.

Passive Aggressive Suicide Boy
Pete Johansson
Stand-up comedy Mp3 album
Cottage Comedy Festival 2020

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