Into the Weeds is a very enjoyable stand-up comedy download album by Canadian comic Tommy Marshall.

Mashall opens with a bit about a gig with the RCMP that sets the tone. It is impossible not to like him and he’s not afraid of calling things as they are.

Tommy Marshall is a biographical and observational comic. He is right that we do not need to know celebrity birthdays. His reasons why a gay conversion camp will not work make for a very odd and funny story about going to summer camp.

A lot of comics cover standard fare. Few, like Marshall, are really original. His bit on killer coconuts is very funny as is its pina colada tag.

Tommy Marshall has some rather adult and explicit material on Into the Weeds. Wong Number is simply … bizarre. Funny, but bizarre. Also adult fare but with a Fargo echo is Farmer’s Daughter, dont ya know.

Just to be difficult, the gym bit is rather worn.

Into the Weeds by Tommy Marshall is good stuff that bears repeated listenings. I know because I did listen to it a few times.

Into The Weeds
Tommy Marshall
Stand up comedy download
Cottage Country Comedy 2020

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