Airports, Animals by comic Sean Devlin is a superb stand-up comedy download.

Devlin has a conversational delivery style that gives time to his audience to appreciate how smart and tight his material is. Although there are 17 tracks on this comedy album, Airports, Animals could be and should be taken as one long-form routine. Few comics have the talent to pull something like this off.

Sean Devlin Airports, Animals opens with a story on the legalization of marijuana in Canada and why that is a bad thing: it cuts out the very useful social services of your local pot dealer. This segues nicely (hell, all the comedy here segues nicely) into being barred from a theater for being high.

The next track, Birds, is where the long form stand-up comedy bit clearly begins you’re already on the ride. A man is having a problem boarding a plane with a bird and Devlin wonders why can’t he just have the bird meet him later. The rest is all related to waiting for the plane, being on plane with a racist neighbor, and deplaning.

All of the material is simply gold. You have to admire how Sean Devlin is able to get his bit about Hoarders into his stand-up arc.

This brilliant stand-up comedy album closes with, of course, an encounter with the border guard who, like the people who don’t get the bird joke, is not the brightest bulb in the room. There’s a single element in this section of this routine that ties in to the overall arc and the title Airports, Animals.

I cannot recall the last time I was this impressed by a stand-up comedy download like Sean Devlin Airports, Animals.

Airports, Animals
Sean Devlin
Stand-up comedy download
Arts and Crafts Productions 2021

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