I was quite surprised when comic Izzyreal revealed he is 23 years old about a third into the show. Listening to this stand-up comedy download I immediately thought I was listening to a veteran comic.
Black comic Izzyreal has a laid back style that just invites the audience to go along for the ride. The only real weak point of this comedy download is it is too short at 31 minutes.

Tell Me A Joke opens with a bit on what it’s like in Black churches. I always like those. The following bit on off-brand food like Frost Bites is also a lot of fun and well written. The roach bit is solid but a bit on the long side.

A little less interesting is the routine on someone holding the door open for you. It’s okay for a topic that’s been done to death.

The next bit on by Izzyreal has to do with getting too much change with his change. This is where Izzy Real’s weak point comes across. His patter is sometimes too quick for the listener. I missed a few jokes here.

I found the jokes about who is on the money quite funny and original. Did you know Moses is on the five dollar bill?

Other good routines include ones on social media and small towns being too small. I wish Izzyreal had gone longer on the old cliches bit.

Izzy Real gives a good show. Tell Me A Joke is a solid comedy download

Tell Me A Joke
Stand-up comedy download

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