Cliff Cash Half Way There is like two great comedy albums in one.

The first part of this album has Cliff Cash doing a redneck type character talking about gay marriage (which will spoil it for Manson), Nobama, and the death of Andy Griffin and Whitney Houston.

That last bit allows Cliff Cash to segue nicely to his more natural stage persona and his observation comedy. Does a drunk dressed as the Statue of Liberty really give confidence in Liberty Liberty Liberty? Does God really pay special attention to people in North Carolina?

Cliff Cash does have a point when he states TV is ruining the south and depicting southerners as … not particularly gifted. You do not have to be from North Carolina to get those bits . I loved his take on an intelligent guy commenting on the latest tornado.

The closing routine is a nice long form bit on hip hop and weird song lyrics by Lil’ John and Young Money. It works better with a younger audience than this 70s metal head but I still enjoyed it a lot.

Half Way There by Cliff Cash is almost fifty minutes of solid stand-up comedy. You certainly get your money’s worth. I just with there was more, lots more.

Half Way There
Cliff Cash
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2021

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