Leah Kayajanian is a young, up and coming comic who deserves a better mic, a better sound engineer, and a better audience than what she had when she recorded Megatron Story 3000 Can I Call It That (she also needs a better title). This stand-up comedy download CD features some decent material but it is far too parochial. The delivery also needs some seasoning.

Kayajanian is a story teller comic, my favorite kind. The thing is the stories are much too autobiographical and limited to the Oklahoma town she lives in. There is little in the material the audience can really connect to aside from realizing Kayajanian has fun adventures.

The stories themselves are on the rather mundane side and involve people she has worked with, a pub crawl for cancer -is a routine that is far too long–, and stuff she and her friends did.

The most interesting and promising, “Sherry”, about a woman with half a brain, is good but meanders a bit too much. There is a difference between a laid back delivery style and a good bit that needs tightening.

Note to Leah Kayajanian: it is not a good idea to bring your friends to your CD recording if they are going to be audible morons all night.

This is the second RobotSavesCity release we have reviewed. The recordings seem to have been made in the same club by the same people. It is especially unpleasant to have the sound squelch because the comic is either screaming, talking too close to the mic, or the mic is from the bargain bin at Radio Shack.

Megatron Story 3000
Leah Kayajanian
Stand-up Comedy Download
RobotSavesCity 2010

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