Margaret Smith’s As It Should Be is one of the many stand-up comedy CDs by women available on the Uproar label.

Margaret Smith may not, unfortunately, be as well known a female or woman comic as say Ellen DeGeneres or Rosie O’Donnell (yes, she did stand up once) but this is no reason to get this very funny comedy cd by this very funny comedian who tells funny jokes and funny stories that are also a little dark and pessimistic. Margaret Smith will probably never have her own talk show, her stage, comedy CD persona is not syrupy enough for that, but she is definitely a comic worth looking into and catching at your local comedy club if you are lucky enough to have her come to your town. As her CD shows, she delivers a quality act and tells very funny jokes.

Margaret’s Smith’s brand of humor is somewhat hard to describe. Perhaps it is best to quote her opening joke on As It Should Be: “You guys sound like you are in a pretty good mood and that’s what sets us apart.” Not that she is a negative comic or a very dark comedian but she is definitely not a Chicken Soup for the Whatever kind of gal. Track 3 of her stand-up comedy CD also gives a pretty good indication of the Margaret Smith style: Anti-depressants / MIsery Loves Company / Therapy. All of the tracks on As It Should Be are in that vein and all of the tracks are very funny indeed. Margaret Smith, comedienne, obviously knows what she is doing has cultivated a character that definitely works for her.

As It Should Be, like the majority of Uproar stand-up comedy CDs is produced by David Drozen and has the usual excellent sound quality I have come to associate with an Uproar label CD. This guy not only knows what he is doing but he actually does it. Margaret Smith’s As It Should Be is the perfect gift for the overly syrupy member of your family as a form of ” Wake up and smell the coffee!” kind of gag gift, and also the perfect present for anyone you know who is realistic about life and its tribulations.

Margaret Smith
As It Should Be
stand-up comedy CD
Uproar 2000

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