Crank phone call or prank phone call comedy CDs are usually a waste of time and money. The exception to the rule is Roy D Mercer Greatest Fits, the seventh collection of crank phone calls comedy CD by this very talented crank call and improv artist.

What sets Roy D Mercer from all other such comedy CDs is the quality of the prank caller, of the calls -you don’t get everything the guy did but the best-and, most important, the sound quality. Sound quality is a major issue on crank phone call comedy CDs as half the material is taped from over the phone: the producer of this comedy CD managed to use all his talents to make both sides of the conversation easy to understand.

What also separates Roy D Mercer from the rest of the usually lousy prank phone call CDs is that his set ups are actually original and believable, he can quickly improvise according how the caller responds, and although he is an annoying guy on the phone there is a certain charm and definite humor to what he is doing.

Greatest Fits features 3 new phone calls (Bank Deposit, the least successful, Girl’s Shoes about a boy who ended up with a pair of girl’s shoes, and the very bizarre -and questionable-Unlucky Charmer where some poor guy is accused of getting an underage girl drunk.)

Roy D Mercer Greatest Fits features the best two or three tracks from the first 6 prank phone call crank phone call comedy CDs. You get Dead Hamster (a brilliant story about a piano playing hamster being killed by a set of weights), and Bird Dog from Volume One. Travel Agency is a very funny conversation about international tours to Bixby, a small hole in the wall town and was originally on Volume Two along with Graveyard. The cuts from Volume Three are Bad Apples (where Mercer tries to get his money back after a … biological accident following eating too many apples from an apple orchard, and Dead Trees.

The selections from Volume Four of the Roy D Mercer crank call CDs feature Vet Bill (supposedly for a teat reduction on a female dog), Fingernails, about a dog swallowing add on nails. Hot Tape Deck where Roy D Mercer calls a kid’s mother for supposedly selling a hot tape deck, and Bad Popcorn from a theatre outing.

A very weird crank phone call is a selection from Volume Six and is about bowling ball fungus that spread from the user’s hands to his nose and privates.

The last two cuts on Roy D Mercer Greatest Fits are Horse Feed having a Viagra effect on horses, and a not so successful mix of a crank call and a musical track from Charlie Daniels which is kind of like listening to a country tune and a phone call at the same time.

Crank phone calls comedy CDs are definitely not this reviewer’s forte yet listening to Roy D Mercer Greatest Fits was a very pleasant and funny experience and puts this comedy CD in the keeper section of his collection.

Greatest Fits
Roy D Mercer
comedy CD
Virgin Records Nashville
Distributed by EMI Music Canada

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