Mark Poolos is a very likeable, relaxed, and convivial comic with adult material and some adult language. Unbridled Enthusiasm is a very likeable, adult language stand-up comedy mp3 album.

It opens with a blooper and an intro song and closes with four tracks of clips where something went wrong. Poolos is not a particularly original comic topic wise but he is very good at what he does and this makes for a solid show.

There are a few notable bits on this mp3 album. One is track 2 about the kind of guys you get at a bonfire. Another is about the well-endowed waitress at an IHOP. This bit is also echoed in the blooper tracks at the end. My favorite is Eye Herpes about the comic happening on the scene of an accident on Halloween night. I was rather bummed Poolos didn’t maximize the possibilities.

There are perhaps a few too many bits and jokes related to porn and other adult hobbies. Nothing really offensive considering, mind you, but it does wear a bit thin after a while.

It is certainly unfair but I really think Poolos does not push himself hard enough in terms of material.

Over all, Unbridled Enthusiasmby Mark Poolos is good but not special.

A heads up: you may have to renumber tracks 1 to 9 as 01 through 09. Otherwise some burners and programs play track 1, 10, 11, 12 etc and then 2, 3, 4 etc.

Unbridled Enthusiasm
Mark Poolos
Stand-up Comedy mp3 Album
Next Round Entertainment 2012

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