Breeder by Gabriel Rutledge is an excellent stand-up comedy album comedy MP3 album.

Track titles are from various Meat Loaf albums and that is kind of cute. Gabriel Rutledge’s routines about his kids and being a parent are fresh and very funny. The best, I think, is Bat Out of Hell about how his son figured out a way to carry three Hot Wheels even though he only has two hands.

The last third of Breeder by Gabriel Rutledge is about porn in the magazine (sort of ebooks on paper) and dial-up days (years ago people had a landline and had to have their computer dial up a certain number for connection), Girl Scout cookies, embarrassing purchases, text messages his wife sent him, and the closing track I Would Do Anything For Love which is about his sex life with his wife.

This is a comedy MP3 album that bears repeated listenings but not if the kids are around.

Gabriel Rutledge
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Next Round Entertainment 2014

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