Modern Life is Awesome is an excellent independent release comedy download by comic Tyler Sonnichsen.

Sonnichsen is an immediately likeable comic with solid material that flows more smoothly than 18-year-old scotch. Modern Life is Awesome features observational and biographical material with a few but not many explicit moments. This download is well worth your comedy dollar.

There are a couple of times on Modern Life is Awesome where Tyler Sonnichsen mentions he has a day job. I believe him but there is nothing in this stand-up comedy show that suggests Sonnichsen is anything but a talented comic with interesting and original material.

This download begins with a bit that deconstructs the art of stand-up a bit before flowing smoothly into a routine about Las Vegas. Just when you think you’ve heard all the Vegas material you could possibly hear, Sonnichsen brings a new take on the casinos, having your money taken away from you, and the proliferation of Elvi.

Every bit of Modern Life is Awesome is an original take on something. The true reason why the Peace Corps exists is a favorite. I am quite impressed with the comedian’s take on the difference between the south and the north. His comparison on how people in Tennessee react to someone being gay versus how someone in supposedly more liberal north react to that same person not liking sushi is worth the less than ten bucks this comedy download goes for.

The second half of this comedy album features material about being at a crossroad in life, Sonnichsen being in his mid-thirties, no longer has the same ear for Def Leppard, and finds it more difficult to deal with a friend who has not grown up.

Modern Life is Awesome is a solid comedy release and Tyler Sonnichsen is a comic I cannot but strongly recommend. Check out his website and if he is in your neighborhood make sure you go see him live; it will be worth your money.

Modern Life Is Awesome
Tyler Sonnichsen
Stand-up comedy download
Independent release 2018

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