If you know what you are getting, and comic Pete Correale makes sure you do, Give It A Rest is a very entertaining stand-up comedy CD.

As the cover shows, Correale is putting to rest the jokes he told between 1996 and 2013. This means you should not be surprised to hear a bit about how putting together Ikea furniture will challenge your relationship. Fortunately, there is still a lot here that is different enough to be funny and fun to listen to.

Correale  even has the honesty to begin one bit with “I’ve been married so long I even have a joke about hooking up the VCR” and deliver it as is instead of pretending it is recent stuff by switching satellite dish or Apple TV for VCR. There are other good relationship routines on this CD. I really liked Miscommunication about an incident in the drive through lane.

Also fun is the comic’s take on how lucky Tom Brady is, a weird Christmas card he got and dogs, the point of ordering a shot, how to correctly use stickers telling firemen there is a kid in the room, getting just the right amount of life insurance without giving your partner motivation to kill you, and whether he would get a pass if Angelina Jolie was in town.

I really like this Pete Correale CD. Hell, even the couple of airplane jokes are funny. The bonus track is also very good.

Give It A Rest
Pete Correale
Stand-up Comedy CD
BSeenMedia 2013

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