If you like Blue Collar Comedy, you are going to enjoy Killer Beaz’ Don’t Ever Touch Anybody You Don’t Know.  Not only does Beaz have a pronounced southern drawl but his story about dynamiting beaver dams with an FBI squad is right down that alley. This is clean comedy though there is one bit where the innuendo is a bit heavy and a couple about about drug use.

Killer Beaz  opens weak with a bit about a real small southern airport where the security is minimal. The rest of the material is quite enjoyable. It includes bits about the southern version of Amber Alert, a mother whose kid was trying to eat a snake, a lobster gram, his kids, the Alabama driver’s licence exam “It’s in crayon now!”.

Don’t Ever Touch Anybody You Don’t Know closes with a  very funny story about what the comic would do if he worked at OnStar one day.

This stand-up comic likes to pretend he has lost his train of thought and insert a couple of short semi-related jokes inside a bit. It may jar at first but it quickly becomes part of this comic’s charm.

Don’t Ever Touch Anybody You Don’t Know
Killer Beaz
Warner Brothers / Jack Records 2013

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