Haulin Ass kicks ass. Comic Rob Little gives an excellent performance on this widescreen, or is it wide-ass, independent release stand-up comedy DVD.

The fact it includes a CD version is just bonus.

Haulin’ Ass does share some of the flaws common to indie DVDs: a shadow walking in front of the camera, the camera that slips down from the comic (at the very beginning) but here they are very minor and far between.

There is something eminently you have to invite this guy to the party about Rob Little. This and the fact he immediately connects his material thus himself to his audience guarantees everybody including the viewer is going to have a really good time.

His material is adult oriented and quite original. A good example is the story of how his mom met her latest husband. This is a very different take on relationships and Little manages to toss in a couple of excellent innuendos.

Even what starts out rather standard fare like the bit about shitzus goes into two or three different directions that stand out.

Something I really like about Rob Little and the material on this stand-up comedy DVD is the comedian sometimes sets up some play on word jokes with a couple of rather subtle punchlines. One involves a university student relative applying for financial aid.

One bit that really impressed me is the entire old folks home routine. Little does not usually go for extended routines but he does here and never gives the impression he’s milking.

There is a minor lull near the end with the toast bit and the boogie boarding routine that takes a bit too much setting up. These particularly stand out because this comedian is normally more subtle and doesn’t take as long to get there.

The closer, County Fair, is pretty good but not as intelligent and well-written as the rest of this set.

Overall, Rob Little Haulin’ Ass is an original and solid stand-up comedy DVD.

Extra features include one of the strangest ones ever. It’s a Good Day to be Rob Little is a post-show meet the crowd moment where two or three MILFs flash the comic.

Haulin Ass
Rob Little
Stand-up Comedy DVD / CD
Independent Release 2008
55 minutes

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