Smackin’ Kittens -yes, it is the title of a stand-up comedy CD-is on the always reliable and personal fave Uproar label, which is always a sign this is good stuff that also has a clean, crisp sound.

If you look for Smackin’ Kittens by Robert Hawkins at your local CD store, you may want to check in the punk section as historically the staff at these stores know nothing about comedy and could not care less. Some metal head will look at the cover, a kitten with a Band-Aid on its head, and put it with the Sex Pistols stuff.

Smackin’ Kittens is a very good stand-up comedy CD. Although Robert Hawkins works clean this does not mean this is family friendly fare. However, this is not in your face, aggressive, dark comedy. Robert Hawkins is a slightly surreal comic whose interest in language and ability to find very original topics are his forte. Blue Angels is probably the only comedy routine about the American navy’s acrobatic aerial team and Hawkins’ take on the reaction of Iraqis or Afghani fighters to their presence in their airspace is very funny. Redneck jokes are comedy fan favorites but this stand-up comic’s take on rednecks and words for the south will certainly surprise Jeff Foxworthy and Blue Collar fans. This is where Hawkins’ interest in common expressions shines.

Robert Hawkins is also not a very patient man and a lot of his comedy comes from things that irritate him. This works particularly well because not only can his audience relate but he sets smartly the audience up to show them how we are all impatient and self-important. Although the last track on Smackin’ Kittens is basically a fart joke, the rest of this stand-up comedy CD is definitely a fun listen. Hawkins definitely covers a lot of comedic ground on this comedy CD but most of his segues are unusually smooth and seamless so you never feel lost or that you missed something somewhere.

Smackin’ Kittens may not be destined to be a comedy classic yet it is a highly enjoyable stand-up comedy CD that a vast majority of comedy fans will enjoy and want to listen to again from time to time. As usual for the Uproar label, the sound here is beyond reproach

Smackin’ Kittens
Robert Hawkins
Stand-up comedy CD
45 minutes

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