This stand-up comedy CD has been reissued on the Uproar! label as Welcome to My World.

Rocky LaPorte is an excellent and of course very funny stand-up comic. His independent release stand-up comedy CD Who Knew? more than proves it. LaPorte is a laid-back style comic who lets the jokes work for him instead of working the jokes. This is audience friendly comedy (a couple of sh!ts and a g-d for those who care) that survives repeated listenings. By the way, his hearing is on Tuesday.

In a world of rapid-fire, high energy, sometimes aggressive stand-up comedy Rocky LaPorte’s style takes a little getting used to. Once that is done, you realize he is an original comic who really knows how to put a joke and a routine together. This stand-up comedy CD features seemingly autobiographical material and comedy about the mundane with topics like the Zoo, Grandkids, Growing up, and so on.

What is most impressive about this comedy is how smoothly it flows and how deceptively easy the comic makes it sound. LaPorte is not a particularly profound comic. This is a good thing considering his style.  He is however very observant of the mundane things that connect with everybody in his audience.

The last few routines on this independent stand-up comedy CD have LaPorte kibitzing a bit with the audience.

I especially like the School routine with nuns named Lefty and Knuckles. Of course, the Canada section on the Traveling bit is a favorite too.

If you want more information on Rocky LaPorte or know when he is coming to your neighborhood, check out his website. Personally, I would really make the effort to go see this comic.

A bit of a correction: the titles for tracks 4 and 5 should be inverted. Track 4 is People Are Nuts and track 5 is Camping.

Who Knew
Rocky LaPorte
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
40 minutes

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