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American Pie The Book of Love
John Patrick Jordan, Jennifer Michaels, Rosanna Arquette
Directed by John Putch
Universal 2009
91 and 94 minutes

American Pie The Book of Love is the seventh movie is the franchise and another straight to DVD comedy. This is of course a low brow teen sex comedy with bare breasts and young adults trying to pass off as teenagers. If you are into this kind of movie, The Book of Love is fun. It will not however win any writing, directing, or acting prizes. This seventh American Pie DVD features both R-rated and unrated versions.

The Book of Love has your usual high school comedy tropes: the guy who wants to get laid, his fat nerd best friend, the school virgin, the school slut, the born again virgin, a disconnected principal, a wacked out teacher, and so on. Of course, all the guys in this movie are total idiots.

Story wise this American Pie comedy is on the thin side. Don’t try to figure out too much, it will hurt your brain. Suffice to say Rob sets fire to the library and this leads him to find the now damaged Book of Love, the secret guide to seducing women. Rob, Lube, and Nathan call up Pie alumni (not real alumni as in characters from the original movie) to recreate this “bible”

Getting to Eugene Levy and the part of the movie where the guys recreate the “bible” takes about two thirds of this sophomoric comedy.

Ironically, most of the sex advice in the book of love has to do with respect and communication.

American Pie The Book of Love is a bit of a mess but fun enough if a sophomoric comedy is the kind of movie you feel like watching.

Look for a cameo by Kevin Federline as a border guard.

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