Get Rich or Move Back In With My Dad
To put it blatantly, I’m not a fan of music based comedy.  When comedians’ jokes are just bland sing-song, like Stephen Lynch, Tim Minchin, or Adam Sandler, the material is often too gimmicky and lacking substance.  Tom McCaffrey’ s stand-up music comedy CD Get Rich Or Move Back In With My Dad is the exception.

Tom McCaffrey is a comedian/humorist who has been all over the comedy spectrum, from writing for the Onion to short stand-up bits on Comedy Central and VH1.  His first comedy CD, Lou Diamond Phillips? came out in 2008 and got mixed reviews.  However Get Rich or Move Back in With My Dad takes on a completely different style and persona: a musical farce.

All but 3 tracks on this CD are songs, as the album loosely follows the story of comedian Tom McCaffrey aka hip-hop star TMC as he makes the transition from headliner to musician, and then back again.  Tom McCaffrey uses help from several comedians, both underground and mainstream, and a clear knowledge of comedy to make an album rich in satire of the hip-hop community.

Tom McCaffrey Get Rich or Move Back in with My Dad blends comedy and music remarkably well to comment on relative topics, such as the contradiction of aging rappers, to joke theft, to violent rappers.  Tracks like How to Make a Hip Hop Hit 101 mock the lack of creativity of the genre, poking fun at how countless stars have just taken a pre-established hit and reworked it (“If you want to make a hit, take a song that was a hit, and spit over it, it’ll be the shit!”).  One of the best parts about this parody is that a large part of the beat itself is taken straight from Oasis’ song, Wonderwall, making the track doubly brilliant.

If you’ve ever felt a bit disgusted by the tired sounding music on the billboard charts, and you enjoy quality satire, then this music comedy CD is for you.  Almost every track has at least one line or lyric that will make you laugh out loud, and don’t be surprised to find yourself laughing repeatedly during a track.

Get Rich or Move Back In With My Dad
Tom McCaffrey
Music Comedy CD
BSeenMedia 2010

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