The Nasty Show is always a sell-out at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. There is certainly a market out there for stand-up comics who do not play it mom and pop safe and instead push the envelope of good taste, swear a lot not just to punch up some weak material, are, to put it mildly, edgy. In fact, some of the more topical stand-up comedy out there is usually done by comics who work blue. Here, is our list of the top ten dirty comedy CD or DVDs by comics who go beyond the pale, true dirty comedy, in no particular order except the number one spot.

Don Tjernagel – All American Jester: I love Don Tjernagel. This guy is a wickedly smart comic. If you think you have a strong stomach for controversial material Tjernagel is the peptic ulcer that will prove you wrong. Next to him Lisa Lampanelli, granted a totally different kind of dirty joke teller, is a virgin nun. Any of the 5 or so Tjernagel CDs is solid so I chose All American Jester because it is the first in alphabetical order.  Read the Review

Lisa Lampanelli – Take It Like A Man: The Queen of Mean. If there is a person, race, group, belief Lisa Lampanelli has not insulted it must be living in the deepest regions of the Amazonian forest. Take It Like A Man is better than her second stand-up CD Dirty Girl. Read the Review


Gilbert Gottfried – Dirty Jokes: Well, duh, the title says it all. Yes, Gilbert Gottfried is the most annoying person on TV and has the most annoying voice on the planet. However, this, what I hope is a character, really works when it comes to telling, as the comedy CD title says, dirty jokes. This one closes with The Aristocrats, a joke Gottfried more than proves he owns. Read the Review





Darren Frost – Laughing Away The Tears:  2 stand-up comedy DVD set by independent Canadian comic. Darren Frost is a comic you have to see to see how outrageous, aggressive, dark, dirty, edgy he is. I dare you.

I double dare you:





Darren Frost Better Left Unsaid. A picture is worth a thousand words. Read the Review


  Don Tjernagel – Prick: Fuck it, Don Tjernagel is the best of the best. Either Prick I or Prick II proves it. Anyways, he is an independent stand-up and you can get a good deal on his CDs through his website and even buy single tracks and get a taste. Prick II has a joke having to do with Jews and ovens: just to give you an idea. Read the review

Bobby Slayton – Built For Destruction: Third comedy CD by the, until recently, perennial host of the hottest ticket at Just For Laughs, the Nasty Show. Bobby Slayton’s forte is interacting with his audience and then pulling back just in time. Built For Destruction is almost totally solid aside from the bit where Slayton spends too much time on porno. Read the Review

  Don Rickles —  Don Rickles Speaks!: You have to be a hockey puck not to know Don Rickles, the original insult comic. This is a good comedy CD that features Rickles at his best, sounds good, and is still very good even with a few dated and now obscure references.  Read the review




Caroline Picard – My House My Rules:  Okay, Caroline Picard is not a dirty comic per se but she does speak her mind and calls them like she sees them. Read the review

Christopher Titus – The 5th Annual End Of The World Tour: A brilliant two comedy CD set. NOT dirty at all but really dark stuff by a comic who wishes a better world for his kid. An absolutely classic track on this Christopher Titus comedy CD is about his father’s death and funeral. It is the darkest and most brilliant routine I have heard in a long time. Read the Review

Lenny Bruce – Lenny Bruce Originals Volume 1 or 2: Lenny Bruce is dead and comparing any modern comic to Bruce just shows how ignorant someone is. Bruce broke the ground stand-up comedians are now harvesting. Proof? When was the last time a comic went to jail for something he or she said on stage?


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