Unstable Fables – 3 Pigs And A Baby
Richard Pig, Mason Pig, Sandy Pig
Evil Dr. Wolfowitz, Big Boss Wolf
Special guest appearance by Big Bad Wolf
The Weinstein Company / Genius Products LLC 2008
80 minutes

This is one cool and entertaining watch it a few times movie. 3 Pigs and a Baby takes off where the standard fairy tale ends when the Big Bad Wolf falls down the chimney to his death  –that is how the story really ends. But what happened next? Did the pigs really live happily ever after? You will find out if you watch this Unstable Fables DVD.  3 Pigs has a little to do with a similarly titled movie starring Ted Danson, quotes Rebel Without A Cause, has a villain right out of James Bond, and keeps surprising you with its wit and originality.

Do not let the previews for the dreadful Doofus (or is it Doogal?) and the horrible beyond belief Hoodwinked turn you off the main feature. 3 Pigs and a Baby is a great Unstable Fable. I am not sure about the very very little ones because of a couple of the wolf scenes but this is a really fun cartoon so unless they are extraordinarily impressionable or you object at one pee-pee joke…. For those who like a message, there are a few.

After the historically famous plan to get the three little pigs fails, the Wolfpack enlists the help of Evil Doctor Wolfowitz to get rid of the pigs once and for all. It involves planting a baby with the three pigs and when the time is right, aka he becomes a teenager, setting the final piece in motion. Perhaps he should have left well enough alone as Richard, Sandy, and Marvin have a hard time living together in the first place and rebuilding a stick house and a straw house for the brothers is not that easy. The baby just makes them bond together.

The story here is really original, the animation superb and has its own look and feel, the voice work very entertaining, and the amount of jokes an adult will appreciate pretty high for what is a kids’ DVD. For example there is a dig at FEMA who will fix the housing problem when wolves fly and of course the evil Wolfowitz. There are other pretty good puns and pause-the-movie-to get-it visual jokes such as The Wallsty Journal to keep a parent entertained while the little ones just go for the story itself. Many of the other gags in 3 Pigs are foreseeable only once you have seen them.

My one problem with this kids’ DVD is the cover art. It suggests the baby is robotic. Far from it. There also the annoying fact some Child Literature PhD. candidate will write a thesis about this movie.


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