Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken
Directed by Frank Coraci
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
108 minutes

Although it is not perfect, Click is the first Adam Sandler movie I do not want to fast forward through. True, Sandler cannot resist fart jokes, fat jokes, and repeated scenes of the dog humping a plush toy, but he is very good (and probably kept under tight wraps by director Frank Coraci) as architect Michael Newman who walks into the Beyond section of Bed, Bath, and Beyond and gets a magic remote control from weird inventor Christopher Walken. Click is a science-fiction comedy with a lot of drama thrown in and it is pretty good.

The idea of the remote control that can be applied to everything in your life is not quite new. John D. MacDonald had a similar idea in The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything (which also inspired the tepid Clockstoppers). However, writers Steve Koren and Mark O’Keefe take an idea, modernize it, and really make it interesting and fresh (aside from the fart jokes I am sure Sandler insisted on). When he first gets the magic remote control, Adam Sandler sees all the wonderful things you can do with it like fast forwarding through arguments and foreplay. Unfortunately, he overdoes it and fast forwards through most of his life in a never ending quest for happiness and a promotion.

Click is not a movie for the whole family. There are some definitely adult moments like when Michael and Morty the inventor (Christopher Walken in one of his least creepy roles ever) are inside Michael’s mother’s vagina at the moment of his birth.

Click is also not a brilliant comedy DVD, the whole fat suit bit is useless and only there for a few cheap laughs, and there are moments you want to fast forward through but, over all, this is a pretty good Adam Sandler comedy.

An Adam Sandler comedy DVD I like, who would have thunk it


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