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Believe The Eddie Izzard Story
Eddie Izzard
Directed by Sarah Townsend
Comedy Documentary
Salient Media Vivendi Entertainment 2010
100 minutes plus extras.

Believe – The Eddie Izzard Story suggests an important story or a Hollywood-style biopic. The jacket reads “a story of triumph over adversity” and “a provoking and inspiring tale of how tragedy can be turned into laughter. Do not Believe a word of it. This Eddie Izzard DVD is a minor comedy documentary about a guy working on his next show.

The triumph and adversity is that in 2000, Izzard “quit comedy” after a scandal and he is “working his way back”. The scandal wasn’t and all comics take time off and go on the road to create and test new material consequently the drama is minimal and the “touching story” not. Believe – The Eddie Izzard Story is a comedy biography and not more than that. It features family film footage, bits from previous shows sometimes thrown in for no particular reason, and a couple of very short examples of the work in progress.

Believe – The Eddie Izzard Story lacks what any good story has: a bit of drama. Aside from Izzard’s mother dying when he was young nothing particularly interesting  or dramatic ever happened to him. Like many British comics, Izzard went to university, joined the improv group, did some improv comedy, met some people, had some hard times, honed his craft, and is not doing well.

There is little inspirational here unless it is Eddie Izzard occasionally pointing out you have to Believe if you are going to get anywhere. The problem is i the DVD is selling inspirational.

Unless you are a big Eddie Izzard fan, there is little of interest on this DVD. The bits and pieces of the work in progress are too short and too few to see any work and any progress. You will need to be very familiar with either the Live at Wembley or Sexie to know what made it to the final show.

You do get the entire Wolves skit that broke  Eddie Izzard onto mainstream in the special features. The title animations are pretty good.

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