The title is supposed to be ironic but Jokes To Make My Parents Proud should make stand-up comic Shane Mauss ‘s parents proud. If like me you appreciate dark comedy with a caustic touch, this stand-up comedy CD is sure to please. Mauss is a smart and very funny comic.

Shane Mauss ‘ first comedy CD opens with a really funny bit about an amputee at Six Flags. The comic specializes in seemingly biographical and observational humor with a certain surreal tone. The Vegan bit is a routine anyone who knows one will appreciate and probably want to share with other carnivores. The bit has a very good bait and switch punchline with a good callback to boot.

Another excellent routine on Jokes To Make My Parents Proud is Time Machine. The set-up is a surprise and Shane Mauss does a great job of bringing it back from time to time.

A little less funny is the FCC bit. I am not really sure there is much interest in what words the FCC will allow on which late night show. It is like a failed Carlin 7 words

This stand-up comedy CD also features quite a few very short bits. Mauss manages to make everything flow very nicely. The butt sex routine is also very, very good.

The last few minutes of this CD feel like Shane Mauss and the audience were having such a good time Mauss decided to give them a few more jokes just because. This makes for somewhat more free form material. I, for one, am more than happy Mauss this stand-up decided to give me more.

Jokes to Make My Parents Proud
Shane Mauss
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central 2010
55 minutes

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