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Pirate Radio
Philip Seymour Hofman, Bill NIghy, Rhys Ifans
Directed by Richard Curtis
Alliance Films 2010


Pirate Radio is a very enjoyable comedy DVD that will make you year for the time when rock radio was deejayed by humans and not programmers. Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, and Kenneth Branagh to name a few, Pirate Radio is WKRP goes to England in the sixties. Writer director Richard Curtis is also responsible for Notting Hill and Love Actually.

At the height of the British Invasion government controlled British Radio did not play a single minute of rock and roll. Entrepreneurs moored ships outside England and broadcast the Kinks, Procol Harum, The Who, and so on and so on. The government, portrayed here by the priggish Sir Alaistair Dormandy (Kenneth Brannagh) and a minion named Twatt, is intent on shutting down the ship and the degenerate music it broadcasts

This comedy is more a great soundtrack movie than anything else but the story of the Radio Rock ship and its deejays is still very interesting. Curtis also cuts to the Radio Rock audience young and somewhat older enjoying the show to show the power sixties rock had on people.

It has a bit of an Almost Famous feel to it as it is told through a young innocent named James.

Pirate Radio is more lightweight fare than serious movie but that matters little. It is very entertaining and the kind of DVD you find yourself watching again from time to time just because it is enjoyable and comfortable.

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