The Invention of Lying Blu-ray
Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill
Directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson
Warner Home Entertainment 2010
99 minutes

The premise for The Invention of Lying Blu-ray is a lie. This entertaining human comedy posits a world where people do not lie and voices every single thought for no particular reason such as “I think you’re fat.”. There is a major difference between not being able to lie and voicing everything you think. Once you get over the opening lie, this Ricky Gervais comedy is original, offbeat, and a lot of fun. Even better, The Invention of Lying does not milk its premise so is not overly long.

In The Invention of Lying Ricky Gervais plays Mark Bellison. Mark gets fired and then gets evicted the next day. When he goes to the bank to withdraw his money he tells the world’s first ever lie. He then tries a few more. Since only he knows it is a lie, everybody believes everything he says. This changes everything. Mark then changes everything using his powers of embellishment. If you think you know what happens next, you are wrong.

Most of that is quite good, a couple of developments are a bit off. Jennifer Garner plays the love interest but doesn’t quite get it.

The Invention of Lying is not a gag based or broad comedy. The laughs here are contextual and the humor mostly subtle. It is unfortunate director Ricky Gervais felt obliged to keep a poop and a vomit joke that really take some shine away from what otherwise is a fine, original movie that comically raises a few interesting points.

There are quite a lot of cameos in this movie. Stephanie March (Law and Order), comic Louis C.K, Christopher Guest (Spinal Tap), and Philip Seymour Hoffman to name a few.

Somebody, and this not only at Warner Brothers, is going to have to rethink how Blu-ray movies are packaged. There is so much information crammed on the little space on the back of the clamshell the movie’s summary and information is in smaller print than what you find on the shadiest used car contract.

Special features on The Invention of Lying Blu-ray are Prequel: The Dawn of Lying: documenting a monumental occasion in history; A Truly “Honest” Making-of Featurette: cast members share their admiration for a comedic genius; Meet Karl Pilkington: Ricky’s best buddy and cohost of The Ricky Gervais Show chronicles his travels to the U.S.; Ricky and Matt’s video podcasts: over 10 minutes of insider coverage; Additional scenes; More laughter: Corpsing and outtakes


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