How ironic a title this has become. Bill Cosby WAS The Master. What more appropriate for our 2,500th stand-up comedy review than Cosby’s Comedy Central special Far From Finished available on Blu-ray ?

Cosby is in excellent form and delivers a superb performance. This will please all the old school fans of this stand-up legend. The Blu-ray also features a 45-minute interview with Cosby. Far From Finished is also available as a CD but you miss the facial expressions and some important body language cues in the GPS story. On the other hand, the CD version has two bonus tracks. They are Bernadette and Otis, that run for a total of 51 minutes. Farm From Finished is an absolute must for any comedy fan. It makes a great present for anyone who enjoys great laughs. audio comedy download at Amazon:

Bill Cosby opens with a story about how your wife is not your friend. After you’ve listened to Far From Finished for the pure fun of it and watch it again, you will notice how he gets the audience to participate but also sets the audienced up for a couple of falls later on. There are four segments to this story: The Girrrlfriend, The Wife, The Room My Wife Game Me, and She’s Not Your Friend.

This segues smoothly into different story. It is My Code Name, aboout Cosby not remembering his code when the alarm company calls. It is of course funny.

GPS works as audio only.You really need the stand-up comedy DVD to see Bill Cosby perform this routine to get all the laughs from all three of the stories he tells here but especially in the title track.

Also excellent is Chocolate Chip Cookies and You’re Not Rich. The latter is a story about Cosby driving his kids to school and they wanting him to let them off a block away from school so they will not be seen with him.

The closing track is I Didn’t Ask To Be Born with features four short bits.  Check out our Bill Cosby comedy download page

Far From Finished
Bill Cosby
Stand-up Comedy CD, Blu-ray, or DVD
Comedy Central Records 2013


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